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Extract of freewriting, handwriting, turning off the technology

Just come back from two weeks visiting family in Montreal. Turned off twitter email and email etc. and cut myself off from the world. Decided it was a good opportunity to do a bit of freewriting. I bought myself and notebook and just wrote from time to time without really thinking about it. Here are some extracts.
cropped handwriting

In Queen Mary "Second Cup" Saturday 16th of August 2014 about 5 PM (I don't have watch)

Been here about five days the phone still in flight mode. I've done a little Facebook and a few seconds of twitter, but otherwise I am cut off from the world.

No emails coming in from work. It still reads "31Messages". I've been downtown and am now sitting in the Second Cup in Queen Mary. Michelle and the boys are at a friend's afternoon for mum and kids... no one knows I'm here except those in the cafe who don't know who I am.

.cropped handwriting2

I can't help but Keep thinking about the iPhone being turned off. I fiffle with it an endlessly, surf Internet, check twitter, chat on Twitter, check Facebook make random comments on the other people's likes like your photos etc... right now I'm free really I don't need to be available there is nothing in the world I can do to save anyone's life. How many hours of my life I wasted fiddling with my phone? Additionally my sister-in-law no longer has TV in her flat. That too is a liberation

Went to Indigo again this afternoon- unlike the bookshop near McGill they had Graham Greene novels... hold off buying there are plenty in the University- library little in the way of Foucault either not sure why. Bought Handyman magazine, book of Canadian war posters, a set of three metal retro pens plus this pad...

A map to finish

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