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10 useful study apps recommended by students at Brighton

At our training sessions for PASS leaders we ask student to recommend apps/ websites/ software they use to assist them in their studies.

Here are 10 of them: These are not reviews just a list with links. I’ve not used all of these apps or checked their terms and conditions.

1. Tinyscan

Available for Apple/ Android

Turns your mobile phone into a scanner making pdf documents from multiple pictures.

2. What’s app

Available for Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows

Supports group chat. Some the students have set up ‘What’s app’ groups with PASS groups or friends from their course. Using mobile phones they can exchange questions, comments and provide mutual support.

3. Colornote

Available for Android.

Basically coloured post-it notes for your phone.

Possible alternative for other platforms:

4. Onenote

Apps available for Android, Apple, Windows

Brings together notes, webpages, pictures etc. in any form. Ships as a standalone application in Microsoft Office; mobile apps can be used to view/ amend notes online.

Alternatives include Evernote which is free for the basic level service with subscriptions for improved functionality.

5. TED Talks

Apps available for Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows

TED talks are basically online lectures. Students see TED talks as a mark of quality and interest— hopefully they don’t see them as infallible!  

I have an app on my NowTV box for TED talks.

6. Googledocs

Apps available for Andoid, Apple

Collaborate on group projects with documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

7. Refme

Apps available for Apple and Android.

Free online servce that puts references into different formats e.g. Harvard based on a doi, ISBN etc. Can also be used to scan journal/ book barcodes and generate references.

8. Easybib

Available for Apple and Android

Similar to Refme. Generates whole bibliography. Some free and some pro services.

9. Photomath

Available for Apple, Android and Windows. Solve mathematical problems by taking a mobile phone photograph of the problem. Apparently being developed to solve increasing more complex problems.

10. Quizlet

Apps for Android and Apple.

Create your own flashcards and quizzes.

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