YazikOpen is a portal to open access research into teaching and learning languages (Yazik is Russian for language). This is a project I have been developing in my own time. Website

Projects from the University of Southampton

Statistics for the humanities

This is an open access online resource funded by the British Academy under the Languages and Quantitative skills programme.

Sharing Practice in Enhancing and Assuring Quality

This is an EU funded project involving partners from eight different countries. My own role in this has been to develop an interactive workshop for academic staff, support staff and students. I have facilitated the workshop in Southampton and Edinburgh and other colleagues have run them elsewhere. For me, SPEAQ has been very much about reclaiming Quality Assurance from its association with bureaucracy. I have also been conducting focus groups with staff and students in the UK getting their perspectives on student feedback and quality. Website

Debut: the undergraduate journal of Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies

Debut an open access undergraduate research journal I set up a few years ago. All published articles are reviewed by academic staff. The eighth published in Autumn 2013. Website

GMOOF (Getting the Most out of feedback)

This project is a sub-project of SPEAQ (see above). The philosophy behind the website is that we all give feedback and we all receive feedback. The idea is not to create separate areas for students, teaching staff and quality managers. Website.

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