New resource: Excel to help with statistics involving pre-decimal UK currency.

Until 1971 the UK used pounds (£), shillings (s) and pence (d).

There were 12 pence in shilling.

20 shillings in a pound

240 pence in a pound.

More about decimalisation can be found on Wikipedia 

If basic arithmetic wasn't enough of a problem, statistics must have been a nightmare. This excel spreadsheet enables the input of up to 300 prices in pounds, shillings and pence and calculates:

  1. The Total sum
  2. Mean average
  3. Standard Deviation
  4. Maximum
  5. Minimum
  6. Upper quartile
  7. Lower Quartile
  8. Median

It also converts all the pounds, shillings and pence data into (today’s) decimal currency. This makes pre-1971 and post-1971 comparisons possible. (Full details of the mathematics behind this are in the Wikipedia article cited above).

Download the spreadsheet (Excel 2010) predecimal excel

The excel side of things is a complicated and probably far more complex than it needs to be. Any improvements welcome.

John Canning, 2013

This is Creative Commons resource, so improvements etc. are welcome.

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