Questionnaires in LaTeX using the paperandpencil package

I've been using the paperandpencil (.pdf document) package for creating questionnaires in LaTeX. 1 I thought the package worked very well, but just a couple of notes to myself which others may find useful. I've found it works well, but a couple of things were unclear. The .pdf version of the manual displays but the homepage linked from other sites no longer appears to work. However I have just found a download page on the QDDS website.

  1. The file paperandpencil.sty needs to place in the same directory as the .tex file. I had trouble finding it, but found the code over on Github. I pasted this into a text editor, saved it as paperandpencil.sty, and put it in the same directory as my .tex file.
  2. The document class needs to be {scrreprt}. This is in the first page documentation, but I managed to miss it.
  3. To set page numbers \pagestyle{plain} is required and the \pagenumbering and \setcounter options need to be set.

A minimal code example here:

\documentclass[a4paper, 11pt]{scrreprt}
  \section*{Title goes here}
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  1. Produced by the Questionnaire Development Documentation System, based at the University of Duisburg-Essen