What will students get for £9,000? We all need to think about it.

£9,000 a year for what? Languages and area studies under the new fees regime in England, 20 May, London

Most universities have declared that they will be charging the full £9,000 p.a. fee. Quite rightly students are asking what they will get for their £9,000—the argument that this fee is merely compensating for cuts in university funding is not going to go down too well. Students often say they would expect more contact time with staff (they say this now), but what sort of contact time? And what about the year abroad—how do we sell a four year course which may or may not incur an extra year of fees? These are questions which all university staff need to think very hard about.

This discussion-based workshop will focus on the possible implications for the new fees for students and potential students of languages and area studies.

Further details online at www.llas.ac.uk/events

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1 thought on “What will students get for £9,000? We all need to think about it.

  1. Well, if you break it down a little, it changes vastly.

    £9000/year, taking 120 credits (approx. 12 modules)

    Which equates to £750/module.

    Now let's assume that each module has 10 hours of teaching time allocated, plus 2 hours of personal tutorial time: Thus £62.50 per hour.

    That is entirely based on JUST the lectures. If you start to factor in the cost of administration, cleaning staff, student support staff, careers counselling, SU staff, building and professional insurance, building maintenance, electricity, water, library staff, books, stationary, it all does start to add up. In my opinion, £9000/year is still very good value for money.

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