Some questions that didn't make it onto the National Student Survey

Richardson , J., Slater J. and Wilson, J. (2007) The National Student Survey: development, findings and implications. Studies in Higher Education 32.5, pp. 557-580 :

This paper from 2007 reports on the piloting of the UK National Survey (NSS). The settled version of the questionnaire contains 22 questions, but the pilot contained 45 items. Interesting the pilot contained negative questions (where agreeing indicated a negative experience). Questions on workload were dropped due to a lack of internal consistency.

To do well on this course you mainly need a good memory

It was clear what standard was required in assessed work.

It was clear what I was required to attend, prepare, and to do throughout the course.

I found the overall workload too heavy

I feel confident in the subject knowledge I acquired

I had as much contact with staff as I needed

Overall questions

Overall I feel the course was a good investment

I would recommend the course to a friend

I wonder whether these would have been preferable to the "Overall, I am satisfied with my the quality of my course questions which is tends to take preference over all others.

The second pilot contained the question “It has been difficult to answer many of the questions because of the variability of my experience (Interesting only 12% strongly agreed and 18.2% agreed).

Just thought it would interesting to share the questions which did not make it.

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